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Reading International

Curators Talk 8/11/17, from 18:00

Kerry Campbell - TMT Projects, Luton

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Kerry Campbell will discuss curating through contexts. She acknowledges that her work challenges the artist/curator binary. Prioritising a commitment to working class audiences, her approach necessarily reacts against conventional didactic exhibition techniques, privileging locally informed, multidisciplinary formats. Kerry will make reference to her divergent academic interests, mapping how they have all informed and transformed her curatorial practice and commitment to exhibition innovation and regional curating. These areas of interest include the history of social class, post-industrial communities and diversifying arts engagement. As a further inspiration to recent multidisciplinary projects, Campbell will cite the history of alternative arts education from the Bauhaus to the present day, an interest catalysed through her time studying with ‘School of the Damned’ – a radical peer led alternative arts MA.

Location: South Street Arts, Reading, RG1 4QU


A-N Artist Led top 100

TMT Projects is proud to feature on the newly released A-N Artist Led Top 100. Commissioned by a-n, Liverpool artist Kevin Hunt has created a new Artist-Led Hot 100, a follow up to an artwork originally created by Hunt in 2013.

Version ii of the Hot 100 celebrates some of the most exciting artist-led activity across the UK that has emerged in the last four years. The resource will be made available to newly graduating art students and launched at a-n’s Assembly Liverpool event.

The Artist-Led Hot 100 focuses on projects that are ‘by artists, for artists’. It draws together 100 emerging artist groups, curatorial initiatives, content publishers and independent exhibiting spaces.

Hunt’s selection reflects activity across the UK.

Top 100
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(Artwork courtesy and copyright of George Eksts)

Application deadline 22nd January.