'The Generation Game', May.


The Generation Game is an exploration into art and the digital realm, the latter as both material and/or a platform for self-promotion and pseudo social engagement. In the face of local racial derision, polarising activism, economic strife and rocketing youth unemployment TMT recognises both the digital realm and visual art as useful markers of identity, mediums of expression and moreover coping mechanisms of a generation. In the post-internet age, the digital realm and art production are arenas which are inevitably not mutually exclusive.

The Generation Game will host a breadth of tenacious, energetic and critically considered artists. TMT recognises the struggles of a generation of artists who are prevailing despite sweeping work/ life precarity and financial instability. Furthermore with the steep rise in further education fees, these artists are markers of a generation which commands adaptability, self-promotion and astute entrepreneurialism just to survive. Featuring both local, emerging artists and artists from further afield, ‘The Generation Game’ is a battlefield of both solo works and interim collaborations.

Continuing the ‘TMT’ ethos to make use of existing spaces, The Generation Game will exist within the ‘Hat Factory’. Use of this former industrial property, is a nod to the town’s heritage. The Crass 90’s promotional aesthetic provides a visual backdrop and an air of romanticism for an era which saw the birth of not only a digital revolution – but a generation expected to hit the ground running.

Featured Artists:

Larry Achiampong
David Blandy
Tom Esam
Nicole Foyle
Georgia Lucas Going
Paul Harrison
Ashley Holmes
Mathew Parkin
Derek Stewart
Josh Whitaker

Floor 2, The Hat Factory, Luton, 65-67 Bute Street, LU1 2EY
Limited edition screen prints by Tom Camp available at the opening.


'Reflex', May.


Presenting work by Doyle & Mallinson

Extending a commitment to the use of existing spaces. ‘Reflex’ will be situated and building within an empty retail unit in the heart of Luton town’s shopping Centre. The exhibition is the second stage of an 8 months Arts Council funded project, which supports both local artists and artists from further afield, exploring the town’s existing creative community and encouraging a wider recognition of Luton’s contribution to Contemporary Art. Building on the momentum and success of the recent ‘Generation game’ exhibition, this exciting 2 day takeover will present the work of Shaun Doyle & Mally Mallinson.

Drawing on a diverse and multi-faceted pool of references from religion, form & function, to cultural re-appropriation. Doyle and Mally’s often politically charged work oscillates between antagonistic and satirical - quite serious manifestos are softened by lighter imagery and vice versa. Extended exploration into commerce, consumer culture, communities, pride and arguably lefty aggression make not only Luton, but moreover the shopping centre as an interesting and relevant point of consideration.

Through ‘Reflex’, TMT is proud to host a rich selection of Doyle and Mallinson’s work, with large sculptures from modified skeletons to Wendy Homes, offset against a backdrop of collages. Skeletal sculptures, drag Tesco shopping bags with their extended arms, exploring an ‘imaginery branch of human evolution ~ [which] exists in a post apocalyptic world where family groups survive on so called value food and ready meals’. The collages and prints ‘arevehicles for juvenile insults that are the clearest statements of our kynical / cynical humour.  The results of a deliberate regression, they are tabloid / plebian expressions of our suspicion of fashion, material gain and social power play.’

Long standing collaborators Doyle & Mallinson have exhibited in major institutions both in the UK and internationally including; Whitechapel Gallery, ‘London Open 2012’ and Tate Britain, ‘Rude Britannia’, (2010). Solo shows include ‘The Dog’s Dinner’, Galerie Nostheide-Eycke, Germany (2013), ‘NL Ecce Homo Erectus’ Venlo Stadhuis,  (2008) and ‘Peristroma Dolorosa’, MOT International London (2005). Shortlisted in ‘Artangel 100’ last year and featured on ‘The Culture Show’ (2010) for their ‘Fascist Fruit Boys’ in Tate Britain’s ‘Rude Britannia’.

Web: www.doyleandmallinson.com

Blue Plaques - ongoing.

photo 5.JPG

Ongoing Blue plaque project, celebrating the enduring efforts and achievements of individuals within the local community 

A people's project.

TMT has commissioned anarchist Ceramicist Carrie Reichardt to fabricate the plaques for Luton.

Supported by Arts Council England