'The Common', September.


@ The Freeholder Pub, 45 York Street, Luton, LU2 0DQ

The Midas Touch’ (TMT) guise provides a unique, platform for opportunities through engaging, multi-media events which foster local pride. Providing promotional opportunities and practical experience of curatorial and display techniques for artists. TMT strives to support local creative individuals and build a reputation for showcasing outstanding local contemporary art practice within humble, community environments. With consideration of the turbulent and somewhat fragmented local reputation; these immersive events adopt an approach that is both sensitive and celebratory towards a local understanding of the town.

The Common’ took place at ‘The Freeholder’ pub, this ‘Grade 2’ listed building is on the corner of both York Street and High Town Road and is recorded as serving Beer to the locals as early as 1854. Through continuing to manifest itself within a handful of Luton’s most understated businesses TMT projects aim to reference the community’s heritage, support and celebrate these relatively overlooked representations of working class experience and pride.

TMT recognises a Luton life, a life that is occasionally desperate and fraught with uncertainty and yet the town is a breeding ground for burning passion’s and despite everything, there is always an undercurrent of hope. There is a perseverance and local passion here that exceeds the mar of negative associations, personal financial restraints and the geographical boundaries of the town. TMT will continue to drive outstanding local art projects, acting as a vessel for the creative individual’s whose ambitions surpass their immediate environment.

For the small and the brave.

Supported by 'Your Say Your Way' Funding.