Ceramic tile by artist Matthew Raw, image credit: Tom Green

Ceramic tile by artist Matthew Raw, image credit: Tom Green

TMT (The Midas Touch) Projects, is a curatorial platform based in Luton Town, showcasing contemporary art through exciting and critical immersive exhibitions and events. In the face of a limited, local cultural infrastructure  - TMT is committed to championing & supporting talented local artists, as well as introducing established artists hailing from further afield to Luton as a historically and culturally diverse context. TMT projects adopt an approach that is locally invested, but nationally ambitious, striving to realise a wider recognition of Luton Town's contribution to contemporary art and culture.

In recognition of the town's low arts engagement (lowest 20% in the country), TMT crucially addresses the complex challenges (both logistically and theoretically) of working with functioning, alternative spaces to programme projects, the citing of which in turn aim to entice and engage new and diverse audiences. 

TMT is a not for profit initiative set up and ran by curator Kerry Campbell - projects so far have been made possible with the generous support of Arts Council England, Youthscape, The Heritage Lottery Fund, The Co-operative Community Fund, Luton CouncilLuton Culture.


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