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Understanding Audiences.

Supporting Artists.

Promoting Social Cohesion


TMT Projects is a contemporary arts initiative based in Luton Town which showcases contemporary art through multidisciplinary exhibitions and events. In the face of a limited, local cultural infrastructure - TMT is committed to championing and supporting talented local artists, as well as introducing established artists hailing from further afield to luton as a historically and culturally diverse context. TMT Projects foregrounds a position which is locally invested but intersects with national and international contemporary art horizons - working towards a wider recognition of Luton Town's contribution to contemporary arts and culture.

In recognition of the town's low arts engagement, TMT crucially addresses the complex challenges (both logistically and conceptually) of working with functioning, alternative spaces to programme projects, thus developing unique partnerships across the town. The nomadic citing of these projects aims to entice and engage new and diverse audiences. TMT Projects' places a particular emphasis on nurturing collaboration and facilitating local professional development opportunities.

TMT Projects' is a not for profit initiative set up and ran by curator Kerry Campbell. The work of TMT Projects to date has been made possible with the generous support and investment from Arts Council England, Youthscape, The Heritage Lottery Fund, House of Absolute, Snap 33 Arts, The Co-operative Community Fund, Luton Council, Luton Arts Fund and Luton Culture.

Investing energy in people.

(Image: 'Austerity Poems', Clive Gresswell, 'HIVE', Theatre Deli, The Old Library, 2018.)